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How to add teammates as CHIP Merchant Portal users?

  1. Login at www.chip-in.asia 
  2. At the top right corner, select ‘Team‘ > ‘New Teammate
  1. Fill up your new teammate’s information.
  1. In the Roles section, you can name their roles in the company (e.g., finance, IT, revenue, etc.) and select the access you want them to have. 
  1. Then, click the ‘Create’ button. Your new teammate will receive an email invitation. Please check spam/promotion/junk folder as well.
  1. To remove access, you tag a teammate as ‘Inactive’ then ‘Save Changes‘.

Additional Notes

  1. API access should only be granted to your technical/developer team.
  2. Team access allows your teammate to add more teammates.
  3. Billing access allows your teammate to send invoices to customer’s email/WhatsApp.
  4. Refund access allows your teammate to execute refunds.