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How to create a Payment Link?

Link is a payment feature within the CHIP Collect module that requires no coding, no e-commerce website, and no hassle. It is the easiest way to collect payments. 

Step by step guide:
  • Step 1: Create a Payment Link
  • Step 2: Send a Payment Link
  • Step 3: Trace a transaction
  • Additional notes
Step 1: Create a Payment Link
  1. Login at www.chip-in.asia
  2. At the top left corner, click ‘Links’ and then, ‘New Link’.
  3. Add a Title and Description. Add a poster by uploading an image with the following specifications: 2000px x 2000px, maximum 3 MB in jpg, png or gif format.
  4. Click ‘Order’ at the bottom right corner. If you have multiple brands, please select your ‘Brand name’.
    Note: Your brand details will be displayed on the customers’ invoice.
  5. Request client details allows you to include fields from the drop-down menu. Customers will be prompted to key in the requested details upon making payment. Email and Full Name are mandatory.
  6. Add Product Name and details. Click ‘Save’ at the bottom right corner.
Step 2: Send a Payment Link
  1. Copy and share it through marketing materials, social media and WhatsApp/messenger applications.
  2. You can also convert the payment link into a ‘QR code’
Step 3: Trace your transaction
  1. You can view all transactions in the ‘Feed’ tab. Don’t forget to apply your filters.
  2. You can Download your account statement and refer to the Description column for Payment Link Titles.

Additional Notes

  1. You can pause or launch your Payment Link anytime by clicking the Pause/Launch button.
  2. If you allow your ‘client to edit amount’, the ‘products’ section will be disabled. This means your client/customer can choose the amount to be paid.
  3. Customize your payment link with a short phrase under the ‘Link URL’ setting.
  4. Quick check on revenue, number of clicks and conversion rates of each payment link when you click ‘Links’.

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