CHIP Collect – Founder HQ: getting started

Founder HQ is an all-encompassing agent and stockist management system designed to help merchants optimize their operations for maximum efficiency. This powerful tool supports unlimited users and orders, and it even offers a 14-day free trial.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of integrating CHIP Collect with your Founder HQ account.

Necessary Prerequisites
  • CHIP Collect merchant account 
  • Founder HQ account
Note: If you haven't obtained a Founder HQ account yet, you can easily sign up by completing the onboarding form available at Founder HQ Sign-Up.
1. Installation Process

First, log in to your CHIP Merchant Portal via Access the Developers tab and ensure that ‘View test data’ is deactivated and grey in color.

  1. In the Brands section, tap on the generated ID to copy the Brand ID.
  2. Go to Keys, click on + New live key and enter ‘Founder HQ’ in the Key Title. Tap on the generated key to copy the Live Key.
  3. To use test keys, activate test mode by toggling Viewing test data. Repeat the same process to create and copy the Test Key.

Next, log in to your Founder HQ dashboard via

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Payment Method >> CHIP.
  2. Toggle ‘ON’ for CHIP API.
  3. Toggle between Production or Sandbox. Test payments should be done in Sandbox mode.
  4. Enter the CHIP Brand ID.
  5. Enter the CHIP Live Key for production mode.
  6. Configure transaction fees.
  7. Click Update to save your changes.
CHIP Collect for Founder HQ
CHIP Collect for Founder HQ
2. Integration is Ready

With all the settings in place, your Founder HQ account is now integrated with CHIP Collect. You can now make a test purchase and check the transaction status in the Feed section of your CHIP Merchant Portal.

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