CHIP Collect – Shoppegram: getting started

Shoppegram is an e-commerce platform that allows you to set up your online business easily and quickly. Shoppegram provides merchants and marketers essential e-commerce tools that are focused on sales conversion. 

In this article, we will guide you through the process of integrating CHIP Collect with your Shoppegram Commerce account. 

Necessary Prerequisites
  • CHIP Collect merchant account 
  • Shoppegram Commerce account 
1. Installation Process

First, login to your CHIP Merchant Portal via Access the Developers tab and ensure that ‘View test data’ is deactivated and grey in colour. 

  • In Brands section, tap on the generated ID to copy Brand ID  
  • Go to Keys, click on ‘+ New live key’ and key in ‘Shoppegram’ in Key Title. Tap on the generated key to copy the Live Key

Next, login to your Shoppegram Commerce dashboard via  

Go to Settings >> Payment options.

Look for CHIP and click Activate then click Edit. Key in the following details: 

  • Display name at checkout:  CHIP 
  • Secret key:  Paste the Live Key obtained from your CHIP Merchant Portal 
  • Brand ID:  Paste The Brand ID obtained from your CHIP Merchant Portal 

Lastly, toggle Enable and on the bottom left and Save on the bottom right.

2. Configuration Process

On your Shoppegram Commerce dashboard, start by going to Shoppegram Dashboard Overview >> Settings >> Custom domain >> Subdomain, and find your Subdomain URL.

Next, go back to your CHIP Merchant Portal. Access the Developers section and go to Webhooks.

Note: Ensure that ‘View test data’ is deactivated. 

To create webhooks, click on ‘+ New live webhook’, and add the following Webhooks:

Webhook 1 
  • Webhook title: Shoppegram Checkout
  • Callback URL:
  • Events: Select only 2 events, Purchase Paid and Purchase Failed
Webhook 2 
  • Webhook title:  Shoppegram Typo
  • Callback URL: 
  • Events:  Select only 2 events, Purchase Paid and Purchase Failed  
3. Integration is Ready

With all the settings in place, your Shoppegram Commerce account is now integrated with CHIP Collect. You may make a test purchase and check the transaction status in Feed in your CHIP Merchant Portal. 

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