SSM Statutory Documents: what have changed so far?

You might know that SSM introduced a new registration number format some time ago. 

But, are you aware that SSM also updated the statutory documents for SDN. BHD.

Some people might’ve only heard about Form 9, Form 24, or Form 49. But the updated SSM statutory documents will no longer use the ‘Form’ or ‘F’ code. 

Instead, the updated versioning uses ‘Section’ or ‘S’ as the naming code.

Example of a requirement for statutory documents in the older format that is no longer relevant after 2016.
The importance of SSM Statutory Documents

You need to provide specific statutory documents when opening your company bank account, applying for business loans, or becoming a merchant of payment gateways, including CHIP.

This requirement is a part of the Know-Your-Business (KYB) process, in line with the regulations set by the Bank Negara Malaysia and other regulators. 

Below are some of the updated essential statutory documents that you should know:

1. Application for Registration (Superform) – S14
Known as Form 24, Form 44, and Form 49.

The SSM will issue the Application for Registration (Section 14 or S14), commonly known as Superform, once a SDN. BHD. is incorporated.

This document contains the information submitted to SSM during the application process, such as:

  1. Company name & type
  2. Business nature & description
  3. Particulars of directors and shareholders
  4. The details of the person in charge who submitted the application

The S14 is not amendable. You need to submit additional documents if there is any update or change to your company’s information. 

2. Certificate of Incorporation – S17
Known as Form 9.

The SSM will not issue the Certificate of Incorporation (S17) automatically. By default, the SSM will email the Notice of Registration (S15) only.

If you need this document, you can purchase and download it from MYDATA or SSM e-Info.

3. Notification of Change in the Register of Directors, Managers and Secretaries – S58
Known as Form 49.

Since the S14 is not amendable, your company secretary needs to submit the Notification of Change in the Register of Directors, Managers and Secretaries (Section 58 or S58) to the SSM whenever there are changes in the management of your SDN. BHD.

If you do have the S58, you should submit it together with the S14 even though the bank or the payment gateway is requesting the S14 only.

List of SSM Statutory Documents comparison
Document NameCompanies Act 2016Companies Act 1965
SuperformS14Details of
Form 24, 44, 49
Notice of RegistrationS15N/A
Certificate of IncorporationS17Form 9
Declaration by the DirectorsS201Form 48A
Notification of Appointment
of First Company Secretary
S58 & 236(2)Details of
Form 49
Change in the Register of
S51Details of
Form 24
Instrument of Transfer of
S105Form 32A
Return for Allotment of
S78Form 24
Notification of Change in the Register of Directors,
Managers, and Secretaries
S58Form 49
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