CHIP Collect – CHIP for WHMCS: getting started

Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) is a popular content management system among web hosting providers.

It provides features from billing automation, ticketing management, and automatic provisioning. 

The CHIP Collect module for WHMCS adds the ability to collect & refund payments and to view account balances directly from the WHMCS interface.  

To enable CHIP as the payment gateway for your WHMCS installation, you need to install the CHIP for WHMCS plugin.  

This article will walk you through the steps to start accepting payment for your WHMCS control panel with CHIP. 

Pre-requisite requirements

Before we dive further into installing and configuring the plugin, you need to ensure that your WHMCS installation meets the following requirement: 

  1. PHP (version equal to or greater than 7.4) 
  1. WHMCS (version equal to or greater than 8.0) 

Once everything is set, we can move on to the next steps. 

1. Install & configure

Firstly, you need to download the module from the WHMCS Marketplace. The archive contains files that include but is not limited to:  

  • modules 
  • .gitignore 
  • composer.json 
  • logo.svg 
  • whmcs.json 

You need to upload the folder modules to your WHMCS root installation directory. You can ignore the other files since those are for the GitHub repository

Upload the modules folder to your WHMCS installation directory.

After extracting the folder to your WHMCS root installation directory, you should check and verify that each file below exists:










Next, on your WHMCS Admin, go to System Settings >> Payment Gateways >> Visit Apps & Integration >> Chip. Activate the plugin by clicking the green “Activate” button. 

Click the green “Activate” button to activate the CHIP payment module.

Then, you will be redirected to the Chip configuration page where you need to set your Brand ID, Private Key and Convert To For Processing

Note: You can obtain the Brand ID and the Private Key from your CHIP Merchant Portal
You are required to set your Brand ID and Secret Key to start receiving payment with CHIP.
Note: If you run a multi-currency configuration, you must set the Convert to for Processing to MYR, or CHIP payment will be disabled.
2. Test the purchasing experience

We highly advise you to test the purchase and payment flows.

Note: The example flows shown in a development environment where no auto-provisioning is configured. It only demonstrates until the invoice status is updated to Paid.

The flow starts with choosing a domain name and clicking the Add to Cart button.

Start with searching for an available domain.
Review the order.

Then, confirm the cart and proceed to checkout, where a buyer will need to fill up the Checkout form. At this stage, we use CHIP as the preferred payment method.

Select CHIP as the preferred method of payment.
Click the Pay with CHIP button.

The site will redirect to the CHIP payment page. Since this is a test environment, an option to approve or reject the payment appears instead of choosing an FPX bank or inserting card details.

CHIP test payment page.

Upon success, CHIP will redirect back to the WHMCS site. 

Redirect to the WHMCS order confirmation page.
3. Test the refund functionality

To initiate a refund from WHMCS, navigate to Admin >> Billing >> Invoice.

Choose the amount to refund and choose Refund through Gateway.

Redirect to the WHMCS order confirmation page.

Then, WHMCS will display a message indicating the success of the refund. 

Refund request is successfully sent to CHIP for processing.

Finally, you can cross-check with the CHIP merchant portal for the refund status confirmation.

The refund request is reflected on your CHIP Merchant Portal.
4. View the CHIP account balance via WHMCS

We also enabled a new WHMCS feature (WHMCS version 8.2 and later) in CHIP for WHMCS, where the plugin can embed the available account balance directly into the WHMCS interface.

To check your CHIP account balance, navigate to Admin >> Billing >> Transactions List

You can find the plugin on the WHMCS Marketplace, where you can download and view the version history. Alternatively, you can also find the download link on our API page.

Be sure to test it, and don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating on our plugins! 

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