CHIP Collect – CHIP for WooCommerce: initiate refund to customer

So, you already integrated your WooCommerce store with the CHIP for WooCommerce plugin.

Orders start coming in, customer base is growing, and everything works fine.

However, once in a while, you may encounter situations where a customer requests for refund.

CHIP for WooCommerce refund functionality

All CHIP merchants can initiate refunds from the CHIP Merchant Portal by default.

Yet, we have integrated the CHIP API with our CHIP for WooCommerce plugin to consolidate the refund process. You can seamlessly refund directly from your WooCommerce dashboard. 

You can do so by following the steps below.

Firstly, navigate to your WooCommerce Orders and click Orders.

CHIP for WooCommerce refund
Choose the order you want to refund.

Secondly, scroll down and click the Refund button.

CHIP for WooCommerce refund
The Refund button is located at the bottom of the Items section.

Insert the Quantity (Qty) for each item, and the Total value, including shipping costs, if any. Then, click refund with CHIP. 

Note: you may set the Reason for refund for your future reference.
CHIP for WooCommerce refund
Fill in the Qty and the Shipping Total (if any)
CHIP for WooCommerce refund
Refund completed

The refund process is completed

Optionally, you may want to confirm on the CHIP Dashboard to confirm the refund process.

CHIP Dashboard that shows refund has been triggered.

You can find the plugin on the WordPress Plugin Repository, where you can download and view the version history. Alternatively, you can also find the download link on our API page.

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