FPX Response Codes: A Guide for CHIP Merchants

Collecting via FPX B2C or B2B1 in CHIP Collect may result in situations where a customer’s account has been deducted but the payment has failed.

Additionally, you may wonder why a particular customer keeps attempting to purchase but fails to complete payments.

These situations can be frustrating for both you and your customers. However, understanding FPX response codes can help you verify failed payments and take appropriate action.

FPX response codes provide important information on the status of a transaction, indicating whether it was successful, declined, or requires further action.

In the case of failed payments, FPX response codes can help you identify the cause of the failure. Based on this information, you can determine whether the payment should be refunded or a new payment request should be initiated.

Identifying FPX response codes via the CHIP Merchant Portal

As a CHIP merchant, you can view the FPX response code for each transaction in the CHIP Merchant Portal. This can help you quickly identify and address any failed payments that may have occurred.

To view the codes, you can follow the steps below:

FPX response codes

To help you understand these response codes, we’ve put together a guide that explains the most common FPX response codes related to failed payments and their meanings:

Note: You can use 'CTRL + F' or 'Command + F' to find the matching code.
Response CodeDescription
03Invalid Merchant
05Invalid Seller Or Acquiring Bank Code
09Transaction Pending*
12Invalid Transaction
13Invalid Amount
14Invalid Buyer Account
20Invalid Response
30Format Error
31Invalid Bank
39No Credit Account
45Duplicate Seller Order Number
46Invalid Seller Exchange Or Seller
47Invalid Currency
48Maximum Transaction Limit Exceeded
49Merchant Specific Limit Exceeded
50Invalid Seller for Merchant Specific Limit
51Insufficient Funds
53No Buyer Account Number
57Transaction Not Permitted
58Transaction To Merchant Not Permitted
70Invalid Serial Number
76Transaction Not Found
77Invalid Buyer Name Or Buyer ID
78Decryption Failed
79Host Decline When Down
80Buyer Cancel Transaction
83Invalid Transaction Model
84Invalid Transaction Type
85Internal Error At Bank System
87Debit Failed Exception Handling
88Credit Failed Exception Handling
89Transaction Not Received Exception Handling
90Bank Internet Banking Unavailable
92Invalid Buyer Bank
96System Malfunction
98MAC Error
99Pending Authorization (Applicable for B2B model)
BBBlocked Bank
BCTransaction Cancelled By Customer
DAInvalid Application Type
DBInvalid Email Format
DCInvalid Maximum Frequency
DDInvalid Frequency Mode
DEInvalid Expiry Date
DFInvalid e-Mandate Buyer Bank ID
FEInternal Error
OETransaction Rejected As Not In FPX Operating Hours
OFTransaction Timeout
SBInvalid Acquiring Bank Code
XAInvalid Source IP Address (Applicable for B2B2 model)
XBInvalid Seller Exchange IP
XCSeller Exchange Encryption Error
XEInvalid Message
XFInvalid Number Of Orders
XIInvalid Seller Exchange
XMInvalid FPX Transaction Model
XNTransaction Rejected Due To Duplicate Seller Exchange Order Number
XODuplicate Exchange Order Number
XSSeller Does Not Belong To Exchange
XTInvalid Transaction Type
XWSeller Exchange Date Difference Exceeded
1ABuyer Session Timeout At Internet Banking Login Page
1BBuyer Failed To Provide The Necessary Info To Login To Internet
Banking Login Page
1CBuyer Choose Cancel At Login Page
1DBuyer Session Timeout At Account Selection Page
1EBuyer Failed To Provide The Necessary Info At Account Selection Page
1FBuyer Choose Cancel At Account Selection Page
1GBuyer Session Timeout At TAC Request Page
1HBuyer Failed To Provide The Necessary Info At TAC Request Page
1IBuyer Choose Cancel At TAC Request Page
1JBuyer Session Timeout At Confirmation Page
1KBuyer Failed To Provide The Necessary Info At Confirmation Page
1LBuyer Choose Cancel At Confirmation Page
1MInternet Banking Session Timeout
2ATransaction Amount Is Lower Than Minimum Limit
2XTransaction Is Canceled By Merchant
* Merchant should not take transaction with response code ‘09’ as final. This transaction status will be changed once FPX receives an updated status from the Bank.

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